Lets Change the World Together!

And this is how you can join us!

Its no secret that the tourism industry contributes it’s fair share to environmental issues as well as ethical issues. From transportation carbon emissions, mass tourism, animal cruelty, and exploitation, to billion dollar travel companies benefitting from the profits rather than the local communities.

We at Wangchuk Tours & treks believe that with right planning, we can work together to integrate a sustainable travel experience in Bhutan through activities to offset your carbon emissions and have a positive impact to the local communities.

Discover & Experience Local Farm/Home Stays

Bhutan has several beautiful homestays where local families welcome guests into their home for a small fee and let you experience the daily lives of Bhutanese people and eat authentic Bhutanese cuisine. 

If this is of interest to you, please let us know! If you prefer the comfort of a hotel bed and bath, we can still take you for a day trip to a local village and experience their daily life & enjoy hot home cooked meals with them. For this, you pay them directly.

Curb your carbon

It is inevitable that each individual contributes to a certain amount of carbon emissions when travelling because of the flight hours taken to get across a continent or drive hours on the road to reach your next destination. We help you offset your carbon emission by planting one or two saplings for free!  

Inspire & share your knowledge

Bhutan being a developing country is always in need of education in every aspect. If you are an expert in any subject, we can arrange a lecture and a question and answer session for an audience, be it a school, community, diplomats, or young entrepreneurs. Sharing knowledge is one of the most fundamental acts of friendship and a way for you to leave a positive-impact.


Its time to say goodbye to single-use plastic products and experience a plastic-free eco-tour. With Wangchuk Tours & Treks, you can request for a your eco-bundle for a fee of $50 which you can take back home with you. Our eco-bundle includes a tote shopping bag, refillable water bottle, reusable drinking straw, and a local organic soap bar & loofah.

Sponsor a Bhutanese Child

Our program to sponsor a Bhutanese child enables you to support an underprivileged child by giving them the opportunity to grow up healthy and educated, forever changing their life and future. We carry out this program in partnership with Bhutan Youth Development Fund where you can donate for a cause of your choice. The different causes and more about the NGO can be found at . While in Bhutan, you can also visit the NGO to learn more about the organization.

Care for Animals

The bond between humans and animals has been forged for centuries and ever since, these animals have always played an important role in human lives. While some have human companions to care for them, some are abandoned or stray and struggle to survive. Bhutan has a few animal shelters where you can visit to feed our friends or donate to support the shelter.  Here are few that you can support:

Royal Society for Protection and Care of Animals

Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary