We at Wangchuk Tours & Treks believe in integrating social and environmental concerns in our business mission, strategies, and operations. CSR today is seen as a multi-stakeholder approach where stakeholders are not only receivers but also partners for realizing and implementing CSR strategies. 

By choosing to travel with WTT, you can contribute to the welfare of local communities and environmental protection through the following ways.

1. Tree Planting​

It is inevitable that each individual contributes to a certain amount of carbon emissions when travelling because of the flight hours taken to get across a continent or drive hours on the road to reach your next destination. The one and most important way giving back in reducing your carbon footprint is by planting one or two saplings that will grow and produce oxygen to balance out emissions. You can arrange do this with WTT by buying a sapling from a local nursery & planting it near a farmhouse/resort/temple/institution; somewhere it can be watered and nurtured to grow.

2. Lecture in your Expertise​

Bhutan being a developing country is always in need of education in every aspect. If you are an expert in a specific subject, we will be delighted to arrange a lecture and a question and answer session for an audience, be it a school, community, diplomats, or young entrepreneurs. Sharing knowledge is one of the most fundamental acts of friendship and it is a way you can give without loosing.

3. Donation to a Monastery/School​

Underprivileged families in Bhutan who cannot afford to raise a child often enroll them in the monastic body at a very young age. The monastic body provides for these young boys and girls the basic necessity such as food, shelter, and at most, two sets of clothes. Similarly, there are some schools in remote parts of Bhutan who also require support with basic school utilities, books, and equipment’s. Once in a while local communities pool in and donate jackets, socks, hats, and stationeries to help make life a little better for these monks, nuns, and children in school. Monetary donation is not encouraged. Rather, bringing something special from your home to donate or purchasing it locally and donating is encouraged.

4. Child Sponsorship

Our program to sponsor a Bhutanese child enables you to support an underprivileged child by giving them the opportunity to grow up healthy and educated, forever changing their life and future. We carry out this program through Save the Children, Bhutan and Ministry of Education together. While you’re in Bhutan, you can personally visit the organization & work with them to sponsor a child.